In an effort to reduce unemployment in the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hand out approximately 71,000 appointment letters to newly hired employees on Tuesday as part of the flagship Rozgar Mela program.

“The Rozgar Mela is a step toward the Prime Minister fulfilling his promise to give employment creation top priority. According to a government announcement, the Rozgar Mela “is anticipated to operate as a catalyst in additional employment generation and provide meaningful possibilities to the youth for their empowerment and direct engagement in national development.”

71,000 vacancies for teachers, lecturers, nursing officers, nurses, doctors, radiographers, pharmacists, and other technical and paramedical positions would be filled under the Rozgar Mela scheme. Several Central Armed Police Forces would have a sizable number of posts filled by the Union ministry of home affairs (MHA).

In addition, PM Modi will introduce the Karmayogi Prarambh module, an online orientation program for all new hires in different government agencies. A code of conduct for government employees, including instructions on workplace ethics and integrity, would be provided by the educational module.

The Karmayogi Prarambh module is included in Mission Karmayogi, a nationwide initiative to strengthen the capacity of the civil service. The initiative was created by the Center to enhance the efficiency of the civil service using online learning courses.

To improve their knowledge, skills, and competencies, newly hired government employees will have access to courses on the Karmayogi Bharat platform online.The government would give government employees easy access to human resource policies through the Karmayogi Prarambh module, along with benefits and allowances for acclimating them to these policies and supporting their seamless transfer into their new responsibilities.

Physical copies of the appointment letters will be given to the new appointees at 45 locations across the country, according to the government’s press release, with the exception of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, where the Election Commission of India (ECI) has enforced the Model Code of Conduct ahead of the assembly elections.

Modi emphasized that the “Rozgar Mela” was a crucial turning point in the nation’s employment creation process and added, “Despite the global crisis, India is launching fresh measures to prevent our country from being impacted by these issues. We are making efforts to lessen this effect on our nation.

In the meantime, the opposition referred to the “Rozgar Mela” as a “publicity stunt” carried out by the Modi administration to hide its shortcomings in employee development. The Congress urged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fulfill its pledge to create two crore jobs annually and questioned when the 16 crore jobs for young people would be made available.

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