Aryan Khan: In addition to anticipating every appearance by Shah Rukh Khan, viewers also look forward to seeing how his offspring will carry on his legacy. Bringing you the most recent information, Aryan Khan recently completed filming his first commercial as a director. There is also a brief appearance by Shah Rukh Khan in the video!

Aryan Khan recently teased followers on social media with a video about a high-end streetwear company he and his friends Bunty and Leti own. Shah Rukh Khan appears in a few cool glimpses in the brief clip, which has only increased anticipation for the full commercial to be released in the next 24 hours. Aryan has reason to celebrate because he got to serve as his father’s first assistant director.

Aryan captioned his picture with the amusing phrase “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW_YZ / X will be here in 24 hours.” The video clip has been successful in drawing in a lot of viewers. An Instagram user remarked, “Shah conceived by Aryan is always delight to see can’t wait,” while the star child’s fan page cried, “I’m extremely happy!! Was anticipating this for so long.

Aryan previously revealed on social media that he has finished scripting his first project, a television series that he will also direct and broadcast. In 2023, the project is anticipated to open to the public.

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