An official note states that the Union government has asked ministries for information about how Gandhian institutes, clubs, and conference centres operate.

The Home Ministry, I and B Ministry, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and Department of Official Languages are among the departments that have received a request for information from the Prime Minister’s Office. The home secretary and the information and broadcasting secretary are also on the list of people who received correspondence. The various media-related clubs, such as the Foreign Press Club and the Indian Women’s Press Club, are among the notable clubs connected to these ministries.

It is desired that the attached information be shared. Amarapali Kata, the deputy secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, wrote in an email dated Monday night that “details connected to the ministry/ institutions/ autonomous bodies of the ministry may be released by 16 November, 5pm.” The email, which contains distinct attachments on the information needed in each type of institution, has been accessed by HT.

It is unknown why this information is being sought for. It is also unclear whether the government has previously requested such a communication. HT requested a comment from the PMO but never heard back.

According to the attachment, the PMO has requested information on three types of institutions: Delhi clubs, Delhi conference centres, and Gandhian institutes (defined as “institutions on Gandhian Studies and associated subjects/Institutions where a Gandhian chair has been established”).

The PMO has requested information regarding “whether the land is given at subsidised rates” for clubs and, if so, the terms and conditions for the same.” For conference centres, it has requested information on all events hosted this year as well as the amenities offered there. Additionally, it has requested information about the courses that Gandhian institutes offer.

Home secretary Ajay Bhalla and I & D secretary Apurva Chandra, who were both listed on the mail, were contacted by HT. Chandra responded that he was unaware of this correspondence, but Bhalla remained silent. An insider with the government told HT that it is possible that this information request is a component of the government’s assessment in advance of the G20 conference, which India will host next year.

From now until next year, we probably will see 500 occurrences, the unnamed individual predicted. “The majority of them are in Delhi, therefore we will want a large number of spaces. This might be a part of the work that has been ongoing for the past month. Although there were very few activities in the Capital, a major executive in charge of planning the G20, which is set for September of next year, informed HT that this message was actually about hosting the G20. On the condition of anonymity, he said, “I don’t think this is about that. The most of the Delhi events will be at Pragati Maidan.”

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