A Chainsaw Man anime petition with over 1800 signatures on Change.org is calling for a total revamp. The general expectation is that Studio Mappa will choose a different animation director, even if a complete remake is impractical.

Japanese fans have been very unhappy ever since the Chainsaw Man anime debuted in October. This petition was established following the program last week. 1824 people from all over the world, the bulk of whom were Japanese, signed it within a week after it was initially not taken seriously.

In addition to being eagerly anticipated, Chainsaw Man anime received extensive marketing and publicity. The anime, however, did not fare well on either a critical or commercial level when compared to the sales of the manga. As soon as the anime debuted, fans of the source material, particularly Japanese fans, voiced their disapproval of the animation style, realistic tone, casting, color scheme, and background music . Also read :- Bhumi Pednekar on pay parity in Bollywood: ‘If the budget is Rs. 125 crores, the males get a good two-digit figure but then they want me to be thankful .

A petition for a full recreation of the Chainsaw Man anime was launched on Change.org by a Japanese fan with the handle Kobeni’s Car almost a week ago. They provided a detailed justification for their demand that concentrated on the elements of the anime they found objectionable. They listed the manga’s readership (which was over 13 million) and the number of honors it and its creator, Fujimoto, has received, most notably the Harvey Award for Best Manga.

The petitioner does, however, hint that the fault for the voice acting mostly lies in direction and guidance rather than with the actors themselves, stating:

On the other hand, Toya-performance San’s in the video game “Monster Strike” has gotten excellent reviews, and based on his acting direction, it appears that he can more than satisfy fan desires.

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