ChatGPT: There is nothing the American people can’t accomplish when they band together, as the saying goes, if you’ve heard it once in a president’s State of the Union address, you’ve heard it 100 times.

But you haven’t heard William Shakespeare express that idea in a State of the Union address: “Lo,” he said. We will overcome everything and have nothing to fear if we act with compassion, love, and understanding. Not even from the notoriously brain-busting Three Stooges from the previous century: “We just put our minds together, came up with a scheme, and bang! Issue resolved!

Let’s face it, the majority of State of the Union addresses are routine. Presidents present a list of achievements, a few tales about attendees, a sober analysis of the issues of the day, and a crescendo about glory days to come. The Associated Press gave the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT instructions to prepare State of the Union addresses as they might have been written by some of history’s greatest minds as well as some stooges in order to shake up the formula before President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress on Tuesday night.

AP selected a few persons who are so well-known that we just know them by their first names and ordered 300-word versions as opposed to Biden’s lengthy 6,400 words last year. The legendary Egyptian monarch Cleopatra sought the gods’ approval, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle gently referenced Socrates, and Madonna discussed her experiences as a mother and a woman in the entertainment industry.

In addition, ChatGPT was asked to assume the personas of several figures, including baseball legend Yogi Berra, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, singer Elvis Presley, and civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. The ChatGPT app is a new breed of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can communicate in a human-like manner and produce text using the knowledge they’ve gleaned from a sizable database. Some teachers are concerned that their students may utilize it for schoolwork rather than using their minds.

Shakespeare’s State of the Union address was recreated by ChatGPT in rhyme. The version that mimicked comedian Jerry Seinfeld used several of his distinctive phrases. Despite the app’s intelligence, it wasn’t all-knowing. King himself was quoted in the speech that channeled the civil rights activist. It lacked Abraham Lincoln’s eloquence in every way. It also declined to attempt to draft Biden’s address for 2023, serving up a repetition of his most recent speech in its place.

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