There have been various reports about the precise nature of David Dhawan’s health issues ever since news of them broke. Finally putting the matter to rest, David declared, “I am fine now. Yes, I had an angioplasty a few weeks ago rather than a heart operation. Touchwood, though, everything is now well.

David Dhawan has been ill for a few months. The family was really concerned about his state of health. David Dhawan is no stranger to health concerns. He nearly died in December 2012 when he passed out during Bunty Walia’s wedding reception. Only the filmmaker Apoorva Lakhia can be credited with keeping David alive. When the seasoned director suddenly became unwell during the reception, Lakhia was the one who jumped to his aid.

Actually stepping up to save David Dhawan from a possibly tragic circumstance was Apoorva Lakhia and Kunal Kohli. In truth, David’s wife was unaware of Lakhia’s existence. David was picked up by Lakhia, who then put him in the car before running across a one-way street on foot to let the driver quickly drive in the opposite direction in order to get to the Lilavati Hospital quickly.

After the 2012 event, David Dhawan said, “Apoorva Lakhia was wonderful,” in an interview with this writer. He is really appreciated by my family and me for what he did. While my younger son Varun was in Bangkok filming an advertisement with Alia Bhatt, my older son Rohit was in Bali with his wife. They both desired to return home right away. I advised them to unwind. Enough care was shown to me.

Having the nightmare again David recalled, “I had taken my insulin shot for my diabetes condition and then gone to Bunty Walia’s celebration. However, I promptly forgot to take the required sweet snack item. I hadn’t taken insulin for four or five hours, and my stomach was empty. At the party, I began to shiver and begin to perspire all of a sudden. Simply put, I panicked. In ten minutes, my wife who wasn’t with me, showed up. But I was given some chocolate in the meanwhile. I was already feeling better when I was put in the car. We are familiar with every doctor at Lilavati. So the tests were carried out right away. Now that I’m clear, I’m relaxing at home and watching a cricket match on television.

David acknowledged that it was a very close call. Everything could have gone wrong. If not for individuals like Kunal Kohli and Apoorva Lakhia, who saved me. I have to make sure I take care of myself. I don’t want to keep ruining the holidays for my family. And I apologize for ruining Bunty Walia’s party.

Following the incident, Varun took charge of keeping his father physically healthy, managing his food, and ensuring David went for his morning walks.

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