The third season of Demon Slayer debuted a new trailer earlier today that featured the formidable upper-tier demons known as the Upper Moons. However, this wasn’t the only treat the Ufotable anime adaptation had in store for fans. The third season debuted the new opening theme for the upcoming episodes of the band MAN WITH A MISSION along with the new trailer. The upcoming opener, “Kizuna no Kiseki,” will be in excellent company as Shonen fans regard Demon Slayer’s themes as some of the best in the industry.

The Demon Slayer Corps swordsmen were nursing their wounds after the battle against Gyutaro and Daki as part of the Entertainment District Arc when we last left Tanjiro and his companions. More duty will fall on the next generation of demon slayers as the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui wrestles with the possibility of retiring due to the wounds he received when fighting Gyutaro, which included losing both an arm and an eye. Tanjiro and crew are in for some significant confrontations in the next episodes of the anime as the opening episode tease the debut of some of Muzan’s most powerful lieutenants who have not yet made a full appearance in the anime adaptation.

The popular anime adaptation’s new opening theme, MAN WITH A MISSION, debuted for the first time on the Official Demon Slayer Twitter Account, which also provided fans with a preview of the upcoming Swordsmith Village Arc, which will present Tanjiro and his pals with some significant obstacles.

Fans will have the chance to relive the season two ending and witness the season three premiere on the silver screen before the third season debuts in April on television. It will be interesting to see how the theatrical run performs, especially in light of the fact that Demon Slayer: Mugen Train rose to the position of the best-performing anime movie ever at the time of its release. The first episode is expected to introduce villains that will pose serious issues for Tanjiro and the company in the series’ future.

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