A split-screen user interface is part of the “refreshed” Android Auto experience that Google has stated will be made available to customers (UI). The internet giant claimed in a blog post on Thursday that the new design updates and feature enhancements will provide consumers with a “more personal, easy-to-use experience.”

Three key objectives for drivers are emphasized in the new design: getting where they’re going, staying in touch with loved ones, and listening to music or podcasts. Additionally, Google Assistant now offers intelligent recommendations to users, such as reminders for missed calls, sharing of arrival times, and immediate access to music or podcasts. One of our most frequently requested features, a seekable progress bar for music and podcasts, will now be available so you can advance through a song or episode, the business announced.

Last but not least, it continued, “you can soon make calls using WhatsApp with Android Auto, starting with the latest Pixel and Samsung phones. Previously, customers could only share their digital car keys with Pixel and iPhone users, but the business has now revealed that Samsung phones will soon support key sharing, and Xiaomi users will be able to do so later this year.

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