One of the passengers in the BMW was streaming live footage from inside the vehicle to Facebook in order to show the speedometer as the vehicle travelled from Sultanpur to Delhi.

Before a tragic collision, a live video taken from inside a car travelling at 230 kilometres per hour (kmph) on Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal Expressway became viral on social media. Tragically, the video also includes a prophecy made by one of the victims, who claimed, “Charo marenge (all four of us will die)” while doing a Facebook live while displaying the speedometer of the expensive vehicle.

On Friday, a horrible speeding-related automobile accident on the freeway claimed the lives of four persons. The BMW car that the group was riding in was travelling at a speed of 300 kilometres per hour (kmph) when it collided with a container truck that was approaching from the other side. The container truck was reduced to a mangled heap, and the bloody bodies of the car’s occupants were scattered nearby.

Driving the car from Bihar to Delhi.

According to reports, Dr. Anand Prakash, a 35-year-old Professor at a private medical college in Rohtas, was driving as one of his fellow passengers encouraged him to exceed 300 km/h. Ironically, he urged the driver to accelerate during the broadcast after saying, “Charo marenge (all four of us will perish)”. The voice on the video begs the driver not to apply the brakes when he slows down after reaching 230 kilometres per hour. Then a different passenger steps in and commands, “araam se (take it easy)”.

Dr. Prakash urged everyone to buckle up and promised to pick up the pace once they reached a lengthy stretch of vacant road.Although it’s unclear if any of them were drunk, the video appears to show a can next to the driver, and the individual streaming it looks to be slurring.

Images from the crash site illustrate how devastating the collision was—the car’s engine and all four occupants were swept away and fell quite a distance.

An official added that the police and representatives from the Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) quickly flocked to the area to conduct relief and rescue operations.

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