The most recent geospatial technology will be used to develop the capacity of civil officials, according to Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Thursday. That is one of the newest technologies available to us and the rest of the globe, according to the minister. The National Institute of Geo-Informatics Science and Technology (NIGST) has the capability and knowledge of geospatial technology to play a significant role in the development of the civil service.

Online geospatial science and technology courses are to be made available through the iGoT Karmayogi platform in accordance with National Geospatial Policy (NGP) 2022.” Jitendra Singh visited the institute’s facilities in Hyderabad and spoke with the staff and students there. Also, a thorough presentation on NIGST and its numerous amenities, courses offered, etc. was presented before the union minister. He stated that NIGST could add competencies and role-based education in the areas of basic GIS, drone survey and mapping, GIS analysis, land surveying, cadastral mapping, GNSS surveying, digital mapping, LIDAR mapping, utility mapping, 3D-city mapping, geoid modeling, CORS Network, etc. to the civil service training eco-system.

The minister Jitendra Singh continued by saying that, under PM Modi’s direction, NGP 2022 established the broad foundation for comprehensive geospatial ecosystem development to assist national progress and economic prosperity. The necessity for geospatial professionals, their training, and their growth in a variety of geospatial & allied technology has been spelled out in the policy, therefore there has been a focus on raising the standards of geospatial ability and knowledge across the nation.

The NGP mentions turning NIGST into a Center of Excellence (CoE) to offer training in specialized geospatial science and technology courses “Said Jitendra Singh. In order to accomplish the goals set forth by the government, he continued, the NIGST is being restructured. Actions have been taken to increase capacity and improve training quality, and facilities such as digital classrooms, labs, field instruments, practical field surveying exercises, hostel facilities, etc. have been modernized.

The minister announced that the Board of Governors, Board of Evaluation, and Board of Studies had been approved and put into place by the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

According to Jitendra Singh, the Board of Evaluation has updated the evaluation and assessment procedures for all training, created mentorship programs for faculty, adopted technology solutions, and more.

Over the past 50 years, NIGST (formerly known as the Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping or IISM) has provided short-term and long-term training and capacity building to numerous countries (including Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, and Oman), center and state ministries/agencies, security organizations, and private industry, among others.

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