The well-known Indian singer-songwriter Lucky Ali has apologized after making a contentious claim on the definition of “Brahman” in a recently deleted Facebook post. He later apologized after the statement prompted a lot of discussion and condemnation on social media. On April 11, Lucky removed the contentious post and added a clarification stating that his intention was to “not cause distress” but rather to bring everyone closer.

“Dear Everyone, I realize the controversy of my last post,” the post began. I regret that very much because that was not my purpose to upset or enrage anyone. “My intentions, instead, were to bring us all closer together,” he continued. I now understand that it didn’t come over the way I intended. As I can now see that it has affected many of my Hindu brothers and sisters, I will be more careful with what I post and how I phrase things. I apologize sincerely for it. Love to all of you.

For the uninitiated, Ali had stated in his since-deleted article that “Brahmans are a lineage of Ibrahim.” In his message, he wrote: “The name ‘Brahman’ derives from ‘Brahma’ which comes from ‘Abram’.. which comes from Abraham or Ibrahim. Ibrahim is the ancestor of the Brahmans. Alaihisalam… The Creator of all Peoples So why do people just fight and argue without trying to reason with one another?

Lucky Ali has a sizable fan base both in India and overseas and is well renowned for his soulful and beautiful songs. The successful albums and singles he has recorded include the well-known songs “O Sanam” and “Ek Pal Ka Jeena.”

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