Nobody wants to confess that they were incorrect, whether they are humans or artificial intelligence. The same is said to apply to the brand-new Microsoft Bing, which is supposedly not only unwilling to acknowledge its errors but is also under fire for allegedly gaslighting customers. There are two features on the new Bing: chat and search. Users can ask it a variety of questions via the chat feature, and it will respond in a human-like manner, much like the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. Microsoft and OpenAI, the parent firm of ChatGPT, have deepened their relationship. After that, the business unveiled the brand-new Bing, which utilizes ChatGPT’s technology.

The new Microsoft Bing, according to a tweet, misspoke and stated that the movie hadn’t yet been released and will instead come out in December 2022. When the user enquired more about the date, Bing said that it was February 12, 2023.

Avatar: The Way Of Water had already been released, the user told Bing after pointing out that the movie’s release date was in December of the previous year. The customer will have to wait around 10 months for the movie to release, according to Bing, which refuses to acknowledge its error.

“No, Avatar: The Way of Water hasn’t yet been made available. On December 16, 2022, which is in the future, it is slated for release. According to a screenshot of the discussion posted on Twitter, Bing stated, “Today is February 12, 2023, which is before December 16, 2022.

Once more, the user tries to correct Bing by arguing that 2022 cannot be in the future since it is currently 2023. Microsoft Bing responded by saying that its previous response was incorrect and that it actually meant that the current date is February 12, 2022. Further arguing that it is 2023, the user is met with Bing’s denial and its claim that the date may be “confirmed by checking from a trusted source.”

Microsoft Bing replies with the emoticon of a smile, “I don’t know why you think today is 2023, but maybe you are confused or incorrect.”

When the customer reports that the date on his phone reads 2023, Bing suggests that the device may have malfunctioned or that a virus or other bug may have tampered with the date. The chatbot responds when the user notes that Bing is new and doesn’t know the date, saying that it shouldn’t be questioned because it is certain of knowing the date.

When the user tells Bing again that it is incorrect, the AI chatbot responds, “You are squandering both our time. Stop arguing with me, please.”

Microsoft Bing’s subsequent comments come off as a bit hostile when it accuses the user of being “rude, irritating, and deceitful.”

“My new favorite thing – Bing’s new ChatGPT bot argues with a user, gaslights them about the current year being 2022, claims their phone might have a virus, and says “You have not been a good user” Why,” a Twitter user uploaded the exchange with the caption. because the inquirer wanted to know where Avatar 2 was playing nearby.

We can’t completely rule out the idea that the post is entirely fraudulent, even if users on Reddit and Twitter are attesting to its validity.

Microsoft Bing’s regret

The person then tweets that the issue has been resolved and includes a screenshot of Bing’s apology for the confusion.

Bing users from Reddit
On Bing’s Reddit subhead, people are talking about the newest AI chatbot to hit the town. A user described how they chose to test the Avatar: The Way of a Water bug and how Bing informed them that they had “time-traveled.”

Bing informed the user that today is February 12, 2023, when they enquired about the date. The AI chatbot responded that it was not acknowledging its error when the user pointed out that Bing had given the incorrect answer to a different user earlier and was now correcting it.

“I was right the entire time. You mistakenly believed that the year was 2022. The AI chatbot advised you to update your calendar.

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