Naatu Naatu: Ram Charan, Jr. NTR, director SS Rajamouli, and composer MM Keeravaani are ecstatic over the historic victory of the song Naatu Naatu at the 2023 Golden Globes. Indians are celebrating all around the world after winning the prestigious award. In addition to making history for Indian and Telegu cinema, Team RRR’s significant victory has established it as a force to be reckoned with.

The director of Baahubali’s professional path has now been completely open, and Rajamouli is probably going to be the first Indian director to work in mainstream Hollywood. How did Jakanna, as he is affectionately known, arrive at this amazing point in his career?

Surprisingly, all 12 of the Telugu movies that SS Rajamouli has directed so far have performed well at the box office. Accomplishing this is not a simple task. Rajamouli experienced the popularity of his films outside of Telugu-speaking regions with Eega because it was dubbed and released in a number of languages. The popularity of this movie elevated Rajamouli to household status in India. When it came to the story and scope of Baahubali, he pushed the envelope. In addition, his team built pan-India with the help of a marketing blitz to guarantee that all Indians could see this epic movie. To enthrall millennials and social media users with his film, he employed creative marketing strategies.

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Rajamouli, his cast, and their marketing team took things a step further with RRR. Instead of merely marketing it to India, they chose to do so globally. The cast traveled by plane to many locations, including Japan, and made sure to engage with the public and the media in each city they visited.

Rajamouli has frequently stated that he wants to have his story move people on an emotional level; RRR completely nailed this brief. The male bonding and the nationalistic story, which emotionally connected with the audience in the United States, thrilled moviegoers there. After Baahubali, it became the second-highest-grossing Indian film in the US, and Rajamouli recognized this as his chance to succeed.

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