WhatsApp used to be a straightforward instant messaging program, but it has now evolved into a multipurpose internet platform. With all the new capabilities that Meta has added this year, it is now a feature-rich cross-platform messaging program that is accessible for free on Android and iOS smartphones.

It does not have any adverts, unlike the majority of other free instant messaging programs. Not only that, but it is the only meta-owned platform that doesn’t make any money thanks to the end-to-end encryption of the messages and the fact that Meta does not in any manner monetize the service.

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Top new features of WhatsApp:

Here are a few of its most notable additions made by Meta. Despite the fact that some of these features are lifted directly from other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, Meta has also included a few fresh features that are exclusive to its platform.
To make it a secure messaging service, Meta has put in place a lot of security features. A feature that allows users to stay online on WhatsApp and manage who can see their current state is the ability to hide their online status.

Just joined a new organization and want to go quietly? It will take care of you. WhatsApp altered an option so that only the group administrator would be notified when someone left a group in one of the updates it released in 2022.

Restoring or undoing a communication that was accidentally limited is another noteworthy function that WhatsApp launched in 2022. This is a terrific function for folks who frequently delete the incorrect stuff on WhatsApp due to butter finger.

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