Pathaan trailer: Aditya Chopra has made two trailers for the Pathaan film, which stars Salman Khan as Tiger in one and Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, and Shah Rukh Khan in the other. There have been multiple discussions over the past few weeks to decide whether Salman should appear in the Pathaan teaser or not. Salman Khan’s absence from the Pathaan trailer has already been confirmed.

“Yash Raj Films pulled out a brilliant move. Despite the fact that everyone is aware that Salman is in Pathaan, they still urge the audience to go to the theater to watch his scene. They reason that keeping the cameo a secret will increase anticipation for the movie’s release since viewers will be shocked by his appearance. He enters when you least expect him to. They don’t want to provide any signals since they want his unexpected big-screen arrival to cause movie hall ecstasy on a whole new level.

The source went on to say that Salman’s track is actually a proper 15- to 20-minute action sequence and not simply a quick cameo. “Watch for the explosion to occur on the large screen. The biggest performers in Indian cinema are seen battling some larger-than-life villains. It deserves to be viewed on the largest screen possible,” a trade source revealed.

According to reports, Pathaan trailer is packed with patriotic speech, action, and size. When it debuts tomorrow morning, it will reportedly feature SRK in a way that has never been done before and will be the topic of conversation among moviegoers all over the world.

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