Rahul Rawail, a very talented director, celebrated his birthday today, April 7, and the Russian government gave him a very remarkable present. The 45th Moscow International Film Festival, which starts next month, has chosen Rawail, known for his potent comedies including Love Story, Betaab, Dacait, and Arjun, to lead the jury.

Rahul Rawail expressed his gratitude for the honor by saying, “It gives me great pride to represent my nation at a festival with a reputation like the one in Moscow. It implies that I must have made a good decision.

In the past 16 years, Rawail, who was once regarded as one of Bollywood’s most successful filmmakers, has not produced a single movie. “The environment in our film industry is very toxic. The stars began setting the terms and directing the director when I was at my best. The heat was too much for me. I quit. I wouldn’t mind helming another movie. But under my own terms,” Rahul Rawail said.

How does the OTT platform fare? Instead of adhering to the star system, isn’t it more open to content? I’m grateful, but no thanks. The OTT has quickly turned into a problem. Young males with suits and briefcases who have no experience making movies want to instruct you on how to make a movie. It is not a pleasant situation to be in, Rawail stated.

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