Rajkumar Santoshi once started shooting a movie about the 1897 Battle of Saragarhi, which involved Afghan and British soldiers. There were thousands of Afghan warriors fighting alongside the British, who only had 21 Sikhs and who refused to submit to the Afghans.

Randeep Hooda played the commander of the Sikh army in Rajkumar Santoshi‘s film. For his appearance in the movie, the actor put in a lot of effort. The creation of Karan Johar’s film Kesari, based on the same narrative and starring Akshay Kumar as the Sikh leader, prevented the movie from being finished.

As a result of his dissatisfaction with how Kesari handled the situation, Rajkumar Santoshi has now indicated his wish to make a new movie based on the same event. Santoshi stated, “I had announced a film called Battle of Saragarhi, in an interview with Indian Express. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful. For twenty days, I shot. Although Kesari, starring Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar, was announced, it was a military movie.

After discussing the matter with my funders, they were a little concerned and withdrew. Since I believe they have not done the subject, which is a fantastic subject, justice, I will make a film about it next year.

When asked if Randeep will return as the movie’s star, Santoshi responded, “Let’s see when the financiers come and how much the film would cost. Randeep is an extremely committed actor who puts a lot of effort into the issues of his movies. He transformed into a Sardar for the movie by growing his hair and beard for two years. He is an extremely uncommon example of an actor who is both talented and dedicated.

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