Bollywood celebrity and sports enthusiast Ranveer Singh has been named as Star Sports’ brand ambassador. Star Sports, India’s House of Sports, is thrilled to have him on board. As a result of this affiliation, the famous figure from popular culture becomes the first actor to be linked to Star Sports, a development that illustrates the expanding overlap between sports and entertainment in India. As the “sutradhaar” for the upcoming season of the “Incredible League,” Ranveer will be responsible for producing a steady stream of entertaining content that vividly depicts the league’s past, present, and potential future.

The first weekend (Fri, Mar 31 – Sun, Apr 2) marks the beginning of the “sutradhaar” adventure as Ranveer Singh presents the major plotlines for the 16th and largest tournament to date. Singh’s partnership with Star Sports is a big development for the company. Star Sports wants to interact with a variety of audience cohorts that haven’t yet developed a close relationship with sports by leveraging Singh’s enormous fame and his intense passion for sports. It is consistent with Star Sports’ declared goal of transforming India into a sporting nation by igniting sports fandom and passion.

Ranveer Singh, on the other hand, views this affiliation as the ideal chance to demonstrate his love of sports and engage with his supporters through his passion. He is a great choice to spread the influence of sports farther and deeper across the nation because of his extensive and outstanding knowledge of sports and his status as one of the most well-liked actors in the entertainment business.

Ranveer Singh commented on the connection by stating that “Star Sports is a brand that is connected with sports in India. Being affiliated with a company that has transformed how Indians see and consume sports is very unique for a sports enthusiast. It is an honor for me to be a part of this wonderful journey because I have seen some of the most famous moments in sports history on Star Sports since I was a young child.

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