People who are based in Maharashtra will no longer be able to use Rapido, which quickly acquired a popularity for providing somewhat cheaper rides. After it was determined that Rapido did not have a license to operate, which essentially means that it is operating unlawfully in the country, the Bombay High Court ordered the company to cease its bike-taxi service.

When requested to present evidence of the company’s lawful operations, Rapido was unable to do so in court. Therefore, the bike-taxi service will have to stop operating, and the business has agreed to stop operating by 1:00 PM starting today. The court has ordered Rapido to discontinue its vehicle service, 2-wheeler parcel service, and 2-wheeler passenger service.

Rapido requested a license from the Maharashtra government to conduct two-wheeled bike taxis within the state, but this request was denied since the state has not yet established a policy to do so. Despite the business’s agreement to cease operations, the court has stated that Rapido will be prohibited until January more :- .

The Maharashtra government has also come under fire for creating an ambiguous policy that allows bike taxis in the state. The court has also requested clarification on the policy or rules for two-wheeler taxi services. The government’s representative in court, advocate general Birendra Saraf, stated that legal action has been taken against other taxi firms like Uber that also offer bike taxis. After that, the court instructed the government to “take a decision promptly” since it “cannot keep the issue hanging over the fire.”

Furthermore, 200 employees may have been sacked from Ola, a well-known ride-hailing startup. Teams in technology and product are affected by the layoffs. It’s not the first time the business has let workers go. According to sources, the taxi aggregator let go of close to 1100 workers last year. Ola has stated that the reorganization process included layoffs. The rationale for the layoff is not shocking because many businesses utilize this justification as part of their layoff procedures. The layoffs had an impact on the workers in Ola Cabs, Ola Electric, and Ola Financial Services.

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