In this action-packed crime thriller, Ravi Teja will play a never-before-seen grey-shaded role. Nothing compares to the anticipation of an engaging crime thriller for many of us. General Maharaja As he tried his hand at a full-length criminal thriller for the first time, Ravi Teja will be seen in a new role. Sudheer Varma, who is well-known for directing thriller movies, is behind the camera for the upcoming movie Ravanasura. Today, the producers released a teaser in which Ravi Teja appeared as a figure with multiple shades of gray.

A criminal is seen following a girl at the start of the teaser, and then a girl is seen lying down motionless with blood all over her body. “Prathi Criminal Vaadu Chesina Crime Meeda Vaadi Signature Vadilesi Vellipothaadu… (Check For That Signature)” is the instruction of an experienced cop, played by Jayaram, who is tasked with solving the murder case. A lawyer named Ravi Teja is introduced. Even while the title piqued our interest, the phrase, “heroes don’t exist,” made us wonder if he was the good guy or the bad person.

According to a source familiar with the project, “We wanted to convey several facets of Ravi Teja’s character. He can be seen in the teaser grinning deviously, looking intently, then roaring with excitement as he takes action. It also includes the introduction of Sushanth. Also, we wanted the audience to see Ravi’s character’s brutality. We guarantee that this crime epic will be scarier, just like the tagline from the teaser that says “Reality Is Scarier Than Fiction.”

A master craftsman, continued the source, is Sudheer Varma. With this crime thriller, he aimed to portray Ravi Teja’s persona in a way that was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. This is not the typical hero that we have seen in mainstream films. He has changed.

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