Puri Jagannadh has approached Salman Khan for a project following the flop that was Liger at the movie office. The talk in Hyderabad is about this. It surprises me since, after Liger, no other major actor in Tamil or Hindi wants to touch Puri with a 10-foot stick.

Bhai has reportedly approved Puri’s script orally in addition to hearing it. There are still formalities to iron out. But Bhai stated they were in principle in agreement,” a Hyderabadi source claims. It appears that the Puri movie for Salman Khan is a pure action movie. Vijay Deverakonda, the protagonist of Liger, reportedly no longer returns Puri’s calls.

Salman Khan to team up with Puri Jagannadh! Is it true?

Following the box office failure of Liger, Puri Jagannadh approached Salman Khan for a project. This topic is being discussed in Hyderabad. It amazes me since, after Liger, no other significant Tamil or Hindi actor wants to come close to Puri.

In addition to hearing Puri’s script, Bhai reportedly verbally endorsed it. Formalities still need to be worked out. But Bhai said they were in general agreement, according to a source in Hyderabad. The Puri movie for Salman Khan seems to be an all-action production. Liger’s lead actor, Vijay Deverakonda, apparently doesn’t answer Puri’s calls any longer.

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