After a 12-year absence, veteran Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore made a comeback. After appearing in Gulmohar this month, she recently appeared in Break Ke Baad in 2010, which starred Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan. The movie garnered excellent reviews. Sharmila Tagore talked about her on-screen persona in the movie.

The grandmother that Sharmila Tagore portrayed revealed to her granddaughter that she, too, had been in love with a lady when she was younger. Sharmila stated the following when discussing the subject: “[I felt] a little amount of apprehension, but the way they have handled with it in the script is really subtle, not in your face. And to be honest, I was astonished. Really, the audience has accepted it. They don’t mind at all. It is not italicized, highlighted, or stated in an overt manner. It resembles a person’s interior growth. That is therefore that level.

While describing her role at Gulmohar, she remarked, “It was always her decision, whatever the situation called for. And that has sort of fuelled her growth. You can only understand the type of person she is if you watch the movie. Although being connected to everyone, she still puts herself first. Nothing is wrong with that. In the movie, she is 76 years old. She essentially wants to be free now.

Previously, Sharmila had stated, “Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed the movie,” at the showing of the movie Gulmohar. Despite being in it, I watched it a third time and couldn’t stop sobbing.

Of course, working with Manoj (Bajpayee) and Suraj (Sharma), in fact, Suraj makes you cry, she continued. Yet I feel a connection with this youthful group. They make things for themselves so difficult. They can easily succeed by using their father’s money. However, they must punish themselves.

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