Shiv Thakare has been slowly but steadily forging his way into the Indian entertainment business from his humble beginnings as a simple person from Amravati to his current status as a well-known reality show star. Yet, the former Bigg Boss contender has undoubtedly seen his fair share of difficulties. Thakare recently talked about his experiences with casting couches, which have proven to be a significant obstacle in this field. He remembered being taken to a “massage center” after a meeting with a casting director.

Numerous famous people have previously spoken out about their #MeToo and casting couch experiences, which are reportedly fairly common in the business. Shiv Thakare described one instance in which the casting director had invited him to a “massage center” following an audition. In a statement to the Hindustan Times, the reality television star recalled the incident, saying, “I once went for an audition in Aram Nagar, and he took me to the bathroom and said, ‘Yaha pe massage center hai’. I didn’t understand the connection between an audition and a massage center, so I just left the place because he was a casting director and I didn’t want to take any pangas. I am no Salman Khan.

Other than that, Shiv Thakare recalled another instance where a woman asked him to attend an audition at 11 p.m. Despite the fact that he didn’t particularly like the sound of it and declined to meet her at such an odd time, he revealed in the interview, “I am not that naive that” I won’t understand what auditions happen at night. So, I told her that I have some work and I cannot make it. To this, she said, “Kaam Nahi

Shiv Thakare, who won Bigg Boss Marathi and finished as one of the runners-up in Bigg Boss 16 (Hindi), became well-known to the uninitiated. The reality show star is rumored to have also won the upcoming season of Khatron Ke Khiladi, although there has been no official word on that.

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