Bollywood was formerly regarded as India’s most powerful soft power emblem. It gave India a platform to explain its worldview and gave outsiders a way to learn about its rich history, diverse culture, and age-old, pluralistic traditions.

Shah Rukh Khan, often known as King Khan by his admirers, rose to prominence as the ideal representation of everything that Bollywood stood for. Fans from all over the world went crazy for his love stories, and he had a huge fan base that bordered on frenzied adoration. His signature pose of opening his arms wide and calling his lady love closer for a bear embrace became a crucial aspect of his ground-breaking Bollywood career.

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But that has all changed in recent years as Bollywood allowed itself to be appropriated by postmodernist forces in the West that fostered the spread of wokeism and attacked India’s distinctive culture by portraying it as primitive, barbaric, and backward. As a result, Bollywood began embracing western ideas and forcing them on Indians through its films, demeaning the values held dear by Indians and the traditions ingrained in its millennia-old civilization.

However, statistics show that Bollywood’s inclination towards the West ended up being a more expensive catastrophe, and the industry is still paying for its harakiri. Hindi films that seemed warped and perversely connected with the ideological narrative of the Left caused audiences to quit visiting theaters to watch them.

The list of the Most Popular Indian Movies for 2022 was just published by IMDB. Unsurprisingly, there was only one Hindi film among the top 10 movies that Indian audiences spoke about the most in 2022.

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