With the new Power Saving Mode, Telegram now offers the option to turn off specific animations within the app, which was previously only available through the Reduce motion setting. When the battery life of the device reaches a specific point, the new mode can be configured to automatically turn on. Users of iOS can also restrict background updates using this option. From Settings > Power Saving, users can enable Power Saving mode or change the parameters for autoplay, animations, and effects.

Since forever, Telegram has allowed users to alter the playback speed for videos, voice chats, and podcasts; but, with this upgrade, those options have become more detailed. Now, users can select any speed between 0.2x and 2.5x.

Users of Telegram can choose who is permitted to add them to groups. The invitation can now be issued as a link in the DM if a user invites someone who limits this. In groups with fewer than 100 members, read receipts now display the precise moment that each member read a particular user’s message.

With a single press, iOS users may mark all chats in a folder as read. Folders can be used to rapidly discover the relevant chat while forwarding messages. One of the upcoming releases will include this feature for the Android app as well.

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