Case Tech Innovations in Farming: All of the major manufacturers are moving forward with digital technology, and rather than all happening at once, a pattern of steady steps toward full automation is forming.

The latest company to outline its plans and how it envisions farming evolving in concert with I.T. over the next years is Case. The company organized a two-day event in Phoenix, Arizona, earlier this month to demonstrate three different projects it is working on. In contrast to field robots, which represent a rethink of the process from the base up, they are all based on automating the current tractor, which is a top-down approach. These two ideas can coexist, and there are some signs that they are moving in the same direction.

What are the Top 3 tech innovations by Case in Farming?

Early this month, CNH, the parent company of Case, bought a 10% stake in Stout Industrial Technology, a start-up that utilizes plant recognition software to locate and get rid of specific weeds. This method is often used in field robots, but Stout Industrial Technology has it running on a tractor-mounted tool and claims it can clear 1 to 2 acres per hour.

It’s not immediately evident what this implies in practice, but it seems that the soil’s physical characteristics are evaluated in some way, and the results are plotted on a field map. With this knowledge, subsequent tillage equipment can subsequently modify itself to account for the variance in soil quality across the mapped area.

The driver assistance software is simpler in that it enables a combine driver to take control of a tractor and trailer that is pulling alongside, improving unloading efficiency and minimizing spillage. Due to CNH’s partnership with Monarch Tractor, the electric tractor prototype, which will eventually be sold in Case colors, will have some autonomy.

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