On the basis of the findings of a medical board established to investigate the case, the Rajasthan high court granted permission for a girl who was reportedly raped to have an abortion during the 27th week of her pregnancy.

The assessment, which was presented in court by additional attorney general Manish Vyas, stated that the pregnancy may be ended with minimal danger.

A woman must possess the independence to exercise these rights, according to the Supreme Court, which ruled in September that any “artificial discrimination between married and unmarried women cannot be supported.” It was decided that unmarried women were also permitted to request pregnancy termination after 24 weeks if the relationship was consensual.

Up to 20 weeks of pregnancy may be terminated under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. Courts have approved termination even after that in certain cases.

The girl has the right to have the pregnancy terminated, according to Justice Vinit Kumar Mathur, who cited the mental trauma the girl experienced as a result of the unintended pregnancy. Since the board concluded that the petitioner’s pregnancy could be ended with the calculated risk at this gestational age, it is mandated that she appear before qualified medical professionals so that her pregnancy can be ended as soon as possible.

Justice Mathur requested that the girl be sent to the hospital as soon as possible for termination by the police. When using the technique to end the pregnancy, doctors will exercise the utmost care and caution.The girl filed a court petition asking for the termination and all necessary pre- and post-termination medical care.

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