Three of Walmart’s US IT hubs will be closed, according to a Wall Street Journal article. The company’s move is revealed via a memo that the magazine has examined. Hundreds of employees have also been requested to relocate to the hub of their choosing by Walmart. In a note to colleagues, Suresh Kumar, the company’s global chief technology officer, announced that the retail giant will be closing its IT operations in Austin, Texas; Carlsbad, California; and Portland, Oregon.

Employees in these locations will now have to migrate to other cities where Walmart maintains its main offices, such as San Bruno, Calif., or Bentonville, Ark., in order to keep their jobs.

According to a Walmart representative quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the business hopes to move the majority of its employees while allowing others to work remotely indefinitely. Also, the corporation will provide severance to any employees who decide to leave.

The spokeswoman was cited as adding, “We’ve decided to focus our tech team’s presence within chosen regions. Although moving to a new place and uprooting your entire life can be difficult for some employees, it is unquestionably preferable to announcing mass layoffs.

Amazon is making cuts

Amazon, a Walmart competitor, on the other hand, disclosed significant layoffs last month. The layoffs may have had an impact on 18,000 workers worldwide. Numerous individuals in India have also experienced job loss and have posted their experiences on LinkedIn. People may be heard “sobbing and breaking down in the office,” according to a description of the situation by an Amazon India employee. The article was posted on Grapevine, a professional community app for Indians. The message said, “Roughly 75% of my crew is gone. Despite being in the final 25%, I no longer feel inspired to work. In cabins, they are firing people. In the office, there are crying people.

The corporation apparently started selling its empty offices after laying off thousands of workers to reduce costs further. Steve Kelly, an Amazon representative, had earlier stated in a statement that the company “is always analyzing our network to ensure it fulfills our business demands. We have made the decision to investigate selling the Metro Corporate Center property as part of this initiative. We are pleased to contribute to the neighborhood and will keep making deliveries to clients from our two Milpitas delivery locations.

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