Group chats were first launched by WhatsApp in 2011. The way we participate in group conversations has changed over time, and the developers have also added new features. Now, according to a recent tip from WABetaInfo, the instant messaging service is introducing a new approval tool for group chat moderators.

The new feature, which is accessible on the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android, makes it simple for group managers to control members of a group chat. When enabled, users will receive a message in the group chat advising that new members must request admin permission before joining the group, even if they have a link to the invite.

For administrators who wish to regulate who joins a group or for public communities with many users, the option to approve new group members is beneficial. You can locate the new setting by going to the group setting and selecting the “Approve New Participants” option. You are ready to go once you turn it on.

You might have to wait a while before WhatsApp lets you approve new members of a group conversation, as this feature is still being rolled out. The app debuted a new split view layout for Android tablets earlier this month, along with a call connect functionality for the Windows version.

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