According to a new blog post from the firm, WhatsApp will now allow any user to connect to the service over a proxy server. The action appears to be targeted specifically at Iran, where the government has shut down the internet as a result of months of violent protests, and is primarily intended to assist users who are in nations where it is prohibited or if there is an internet outage.

While many of us celebrated by texting our loved ones on WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, the CEO of WhatsApp, wrote in a series of tweets, “There are millions of individuals in Iran and worldwide who continue to be denied the freedom to communicate freely and privately. Therefore, we are making it simpler for everyone to connect to WA via a proxy today. Simply put, a proxy server acts as a conduit for users to access the internet. It has its own IP address, and in this instance, traffic from a computer or mobile device will be routed through that server to access a specific service. Proxy servers are frequently employed to get around network restrictions on some websites.Also Read :-

The new functionality, he continued, will make sure that anyone may access WhatsApp through servers “established by volunteers and groups.” Using a proxy connection will enable users to access WhatsApp even if it is restricted in their country. Along with a blog post on its own website, WhatsApp has also posted a comprehensive how-to on Github for setting up a proxy server.

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